How can I get free stuff?!

For over 7 years, the main way BFS has redistributed donated & salvaged goods has been through 1-day events called Free Markets.  At these events, we accept donations in the morning, sort them, and lay them out.  That afternoon, shoppers arrive to take what they need from the donated items, completely free of charge.  This method of redistribution enables us to interact with different parts of the city, different community groups, and partner with different organizations.

We do not currently have a storefront.  If you have a lead on a space you think might be perfect for us, email Youssef at ymahmoud@baltimorefreestore.org.

What kind of stuff can I take?!

    Whatever we have, you can take.  Clothes, toys, household items, kitchen wares, etc. etc. etc.  We only ask that you don’t get greedy, so that everyone has a chance to get something good.  If we have decorative baskets and you already have 46 decorative baskets at your house, you should probably leave them for someone else…

Do I really not have to pay for the stuff?!

NO!  Everything is 100%, for real. no joke, FREE.

So this is like…a handout?!

Absolutely not.  By taking our stuff, you are recycling and reusing.  This is not about hand outs: it’s about communities helping provide for each others need and learning to consume less and give more.  It’s free shopping!

“My daughter absolutely loves the desk and chair that I picked up and has since covered both with stickers. (Her exact words were, Thank you Mommy, it’s just perfect for me!) I finally have light for the upstairs with the lamps (which she won’t stop turning off and on because the one in her room has a dimmer) the baker’s rack fits perfectly in the kitchen and I can now sit down and prepare my meals while my daughter makes a mess imitating me at the other end of the table. Thank You!”