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When & how can I donate?

As of January 2011, we are in the process of finding a new storefront to call home.  In the meantime, we do not have regularly scheduled donation opportunities.  HOWEVER, we will be holding monthly Free Markets until we find a new store, at which we will be accepting donations.  To stay updated, check back here or sign up for our email list.  Remember: all donations are tax-deductible! Baltimore Free Store is a project of Fusion Partnerships, Inc – a MD registered 501(c)3.


What items can I donate?

The Baltimore Free Store accepts all usable items that are in good working condition. Please do not donate anything if you know or suspect it is unsanitary!

Clothing – We accept clothing of all kinds so long as it is not stained, ripped, extremely dirty, or possessing an odor.


Toys – We take any and all toys including stuffed animals. It is helpful if toys with lots of parts are in ziplock bags and puzzles are taped shut. Please wipe clean any sort of plastic or hard toy before you donate it.


Books – We take all books and magazines. Please note that we do sell a small portion of the textbooks, old antique books, and collectible books in order to help with the costs of operation.


Baby Items – We take all baby items and accessories such as strollers, high chairs, play pens, cribs, car seats, bouncers, etc. Please wipe clean all plastic or vinyl items before you donate them. Please only donate items that have all of their parts. It is helpful if you attach all parts with tape to make sure they do not get lost in our warehouse.


Household Items – We accept all items so long as they are not broken or missing parts. This includes decorative items, bath items, kitchen items, outdoor items, etc. Please clean off any outdoor items before donating them.


Electronics, Media, Computers, etc. – We accept all electronics so long as they are in working order. We do not have the ability to repair broken electronics. This includes stereos, VCRs, DVD players, TVs, etc. We accept computers that are year 2000 and newer. We also accept working computer monitors and printers, parts, accessories, etc. We accept all working media and other electronics including tapes, cds, vhs, dvds, and so on. If you have older electronics that you would like to recycle, we suggest you visit this website


Appliances – We accept all working small appliances such as a toaster oven, microwave, air conditioner, heaters, blender, etc.


Everything Else – We accept pretty much anything except for items that are broken, missing parts, stained, full of odor, contaminated, etc. Use your best judgment. WE DO NOT ACCEPT FURNITURE AT THIS TIME.


Does the Baltimore Free Store Pick Up Items?

Once we re-open, we hope to provide donation pick-ups every weekend! We will pick up your donations for a fee, which varies depending on proximity to our store.


Why should I never donate to Planet Aid?

You may have noticed yellow metal boxes sitting at areas around Baltimore that say Planet Aid on them. Planet Aid claims to help out developing nations and low-income individuals in this country by providing recycled clothes through second hand stores. As was revealed in the October 10 issue of the Baltimore City Paper article entitled “Adventures in The Rag Trade”, Planet Aid is nothing more than a multi-million dollar a year business profiting off of the poor.

Planet Aid is in the business of selling your donated items in third world countries at prices that only middle class and higher individuals can afford. As described in the article, Planet Aid generated $5.4 million in 2004 in the United States alone. Of that only $661,514 was spent on direct aid to individuals. The rest of the money went towards running the used clothes business. Planet Aid makes a killer profit off of the stuff you give them for free by taking advantage of poor people and their very real needs.

If you want to directly help communities in Baltimore give your items to the Baltimore Free Store. We provide everything for FREE and make no profit off of this what so ever. We only sell luxury items that are not necessities in order to support our expenses. About .5% of items donated get sold.

“We are so entirely thrilled with ya’ll at BFS!  We’ve been telling everyone we can about what a marvelously no-stress, happy for all parties experience donating to the Free Store has been. If we’d had to take care of getting it out of our house ourselves, we would have spent a whole bunch of cash we don’t have and would have pulled every muscle in the meanwhile…we just could not have done it.”